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This paragraph from the Torah (Exodus, Chapter 31: 16-17) describes Shabbat as an eternal sign of covenant between the Children of Israel and God, who made Heaven and Earth in six days and rested on the seventh. It occupies an important part among the Friday night prayers and serves as an introduction to the Kiddush on Shabbat morning. We were inspired to use a melody for “Grape Seed” beloved by our generation – a time honored tradition of borrowing inspired secular melodies to match prayer texts – because of how well its meaning resonates with this Shabbat prayer: “I will cover the grape seed with warm earth, kiss the vine and take off the ripe grapes; I will call all my friends and tune my heart to love; otherwise, why do I live on this Earth?”

Этот отрывок из Торы (Исход, глава 31: 16-17) описывает Шаббат, как знак вечного завета между сынами Израиля и Богом, сотворившим небо и землю за шесть дней и отдохнувшим на седьмой день. Он занимает важную роль среди вечерних пятничных молитв и служит в качестве введения в Киддуш субботнего утра. Следуя древней традиции перекладывать текст молитв на вдохновленные светские мелодии, нам очень захотелось использовать любимую нами с детства мелодию Окуджавы “Виноградная косточка”, так как она прекрасно перекликается с Шаббатной молитвой:

Виноградную косточку в теплую землю зарою,
и лозу поцелую, и спелые гроздья сорву,
и друзей созову, на любовь свое сердце настрою.
А иначе зачем на земле этой вечной живу?


Ve'shamru b'ney Israel
et ha'shabbat,
laasot et ha'shabbat
l'dorotam brit olam:

Beyni u'veyn bney yisrael,
Ot hi l'olam
Ki sheshet yamim asa hashem
Et hashamaim v'et ha'aretz, u'vayom ha'shvi'i shabbat va'yinafash.

And the children of Israel
Shall keep the Sabbath,
To observe the Sabbath throughou​t their generatio​ns,
For an everlasti​ng covenant.​

It is a sign between me
and the children of Israel for ever,
that in six days the Lord made
the heavens and the earth,
and on the seventh day he rested,
and ceased from his work.


from Zing Along Shabes, released December 30, 2014
Cantors Maria Dubinsky and Natasha Hirschhorn. Melody by B. Okudzhava, adopted by N. Hirschhorn.


all rights reserved



Zing Along New York, New York

Zing Along Shabes is a companion musical recording to the Zing Along Shabes project, a set of materials to help families foster traditions around celebrating Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest. The project was created by Inna Barmash, Dmitri Zisl Slepovitch and Irina Sheynfeld. ... more

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