Yedid Nefesh

from Zing Along Shabes by Zing Along Ensemble

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Yedid nefesh (Beloved of the Soul) is a Sabbath piyyut, a poetic-musical genre that emerged as early as in the 4th century, C.E. In some communities it is customary to sing Yedid nefesh between Friday Minchah (afternoon prayer) and the beginning of Kabbalat Shabbat (Greeting of Sabbath). But it is also customary to sing this piyyut on Se’udat shlishit, the third Sabbath meal on Saturday afternoon.


Yedid nefesh av harachaman,
meshoch avdecha el retzonecha.
Yarutz avdecha kemo ayal,
yishtachaveh el mul hadarecha.
Ye’erav lo yedidotecha,
minofet tzuf vechol ta’am.

Hadur, na’eh, ziv ha’olam,
nafshi cholat ahavatecha.
Ana el na refa na lah,
behar’ot lah no’am zivecha.
Az titchazek vetitrape,
vehayetah lah simchat olam.

Vatik, yehemu na rachamecha,
vechusah na al ben ahuvecha.
Ki zeh kammah nichsof nichsafti,
lir’ot meherah betif’eret uzzecha.
Eleh chamedah libi,
vechusah na ve’al tit’alam.

Higaleh na ufros chavivi alay,
et sukat shlomecha.
Ta’ir eretz mikevodecha,
nagilah venismechah bach.
Maher ehov ki va mo’ed,
vechonnenu kimei olam.

Lover of my soul, merciful God,
bring​ your servant close to Your will.
Your servant will run like a gazelle, to prostrate​ before Your glory.
For Your companion​ship is purer than any fine taste or flavor.

Perfe​ct, pleasing,​ radiance of the world,
my soul desires Your love.
Pleas​​​e, God, heal her now,
as You show her the pleasantn​ess of Your light.
Now, strengthe​n and heal her, and she will be for You an eternal servant.

Ancie​nt one, many your mercies be made manifest,​
And have compassio​n on the child of Your lover.
For it is so long that I have faithfull​y waited,
to see the glory of Your strength.​
Pleas​​​e, my God, the desire of my Heart, hurry and do not hide!

Pleas​​​e, my beloved, reveal yourself and
spread over me the shelter of Your peace.
Fill the world with the light of your glory,
so that we may rejoice and be happy in You.
Be quick, my lover, for the time has come,
and have mercy on me for all time.

(Tran​slation - Gabe Seed,


from Zing Along Shabes, released December 30, 2014


all rights reserved



Zing Along New York, New York

Zing Along Shabes is a companion musical recording to the Zing Along Shabes project, a set of materials to help families foster traditions around celebrating Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest. The project was created by Inna Barmash, Dmitri Zisl Slepovitch and Irina Sheynfeld. ... more

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